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LeafBlaster Pro

LeafBlaster Pro is our favorite gutter guard for protecting your gutters from pine needles. The stainless steel micro-mesh material protects against those pesky needles from clogging your system. Backed by its 40 year warranty, this product is a great addition to your house. Call us today to see if your house would be right for the LeafBlaster Pro.

Leaf Relief

The Leaf Relief system fits any new or existing gutter system and is our recommended product for larger leaf debris. The patented gutter protection system will keep natural debris, such as leaves and twigs, from blocking your gutters. The screen mesh system forms a barrier that prevents clogged downspouts and gutters, eliminates the buildup of debris, and protects your home from water damage resulting from such buildup. Let us help you decide if this is the guard for you! 

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Gutter Cleaning

Heat Cable

Heat trace cable is a wire cable that produces heat to warm your roof and gutters to melt snow and ice. The cable prevents build up of ice dams from occurring and causing major issues to your home. Intrawest uses the Drexan MultiTrace heat cable, a self regulating cable designed for roofs and gutters. As the temperature drops, this cable can produce heat up to 150 degrees, enough to melt snow and ice, but not enough to cause damage to your home. 

Heat trace cable is a great solution for areas on roofs and gutters that do not receive direct sunlight and experience prolonged periods of snow and ice, which can potentially be dangerous to your home.   

Snow Retention Systems

Snow retention systems, otherwise known as Snow guard or snow stop is a great tool to protect against the danger of snow melt. Metal roofs are the most common roof type that experience snow slides. These slides can cause danger to whatever is below. Metal roofs have a very smooth surface that doesn't absorb water. As the metal on the roof heats up from the sun and melts the snow, it reduces the surface tension with the roof, which leads to sliding snow and ice. That is where a snow retention system comes in. It is placed on the lower section of your roof and blocks the snow from falling all at once, instead melting in small amounts.


There are multiple types of systems that can be used, each serving a different purpose. Clip-style, Bar-style, and Fence-style are the most common types of systems. The Bar-style, like the S-5! Colorgard system to the right, is one of the most popular products in the region because of the clean look and design. Let the Intrawest team guide you in choosing what system works best for you.

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